Qantas' 100% e-Ticket Policy

Changes to Qantas Ticket Policy for Canada Point of Sale

LOS ANGELES - May 12, 2008

Effective 1 June 2008, IATA will no longer permit paper tickets to be issued by any BSP Travel Agency and will be collecting all unused paper ticket stock within the first two weeks of June 2008. In addition to this, IATA has ceased printing new stocks of paper MCOs and MPDs and will not be fulfilling any future orders of these documents.

Therefore agents will only have access to e-ticket. To ensure the impact of the 1 June 2008 changes to Travel Agent selling is minimised, Qantas has been actively working towards the deadline implementing more than 90 interline e-Ticket agreements and streamlining industry support processes. Qantas has set up an interim process to issue paper tickets on an agent's behalf where e-ticket functionality is not yet enabled. During the transition, Qantas ticket office in Tucson has prepared the attached request form for paper tickets. Please allow for a 3-day turnaround on all requests.

The following will apply from 1 June 2008:

  • All e-ticket eligible journeys must be issued via e-ticket (refer to 'E' indicator in availability displays in your GDS)
  • Journey's not eligible for e-ticket can be ticketed via the Qantas ticket office in Tucson

Acceptance of paper tickets issued prior to 1 June 2008

Qantas will continue to accept paper tickets for travel issued by BSP travel agents prior to 1 June 2008 for travel on or after 1 June 2008. If paper tickets require reissue after 1 June 2008, Travel Agents are advised to move paper tickets to e-tickets where possible.

Revised payment method between travel agents and Qantas

In addition to the existing accepted forms of payment, including MCOs and MPDs, Qantas will now accept the Virtual Multi Purpose Document (V-MPD) as a form of payment from Travel Agents. V-MPD is the BSP Link alternate to paper MCOs and automated MPDs, and is available free via BSPLink to all IATA accredited Travel Agents worldwide. The V-MPD is a virtual representation of the MCO and MPD completed online and allows Travel Agents to remit funds to the airline in a paperless environment. Further information on V-MPD is available via the following BSPLink website

Qantas 081 Content Policy

With exception of British Airways (BA) and hosted carriers listed below, all tickets validated to Qantas (081) must contain Qantas content and International airfares must include a Qantas International flight. Qantas content includes those flights marketed by Qantas with a Qantas flight number.

Qantas will continue to service British Airways over the JSA when validated to Qantas (081)
The JSA applies to QF/BA services from Australia to SIN/BKK/HKG and to LON/FRA via SIN/BKK/HKG.

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To ensure customers are able to take advantage of Qantas' self-service products, such as Online Check-in and Kiosks, a customer's e-ticket must match their confirmed itinerary. If a change is made to a booking, it is important e-tickets are reissued and/or revalidated accordingly to ensure a seamless airport experience.

Information and Support

Travel Agents should continue to refer to the relevant Qantas and IATA updates or contact their GDS helpdesk. For further information, refer to the following documents:

> Download* e-Ticket Announcement - issued 12 May 2008

> Download* 100% e-Ticket FAQs - issued 12 May 2008

> Download* Qantas Tucson Paper Ticket Request Form - issued May 2008

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