Qantas Now Offers Interline E-Ticketing With All oneworld Partners

Sydney, 20 December, 2004

Qantas said today it was now offering interline e-ticketing (IET) with all seven of its oneworldTM alliance partner airlines.

Qantas Head of Sales and Distribution, Rob Gurney, said IET allowed customers to travel on multiple carriers with the convenient use of just one electronic ticket.

"This is an important achievement for Qantas and for the oneworldTM alliance," Mr Gurney said.

"Qantas finalised IET links with Cathay Pacific last week and now, along with American Airlines and British Airways, offers IET right across the oneworldTM network."

E-tickets offer numerous customer benefits. They cannot be lost or stolen, they make checking in for a flight faster and they allow for easier changes to bookings. They also provide airlines with significant cost savings compared to paper tickets.

oneworldTM airlines are Aer Lingus, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, LAN and Qantas.

The oneworldTM network covers 135 countries and almost 600 destinations around the world.

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