Further Enhancements for Online Check-in

Sydney, 11 September 2008

Qantas said today it would introduce new online check-in options, including paperless check-in, from early 2009 to make the process faster and easier.

Qantas Executive General Manager, Mr John Borghetti, said the new check-in options included:
- online check-in for international customers, building on the successful domestic online check-in options already available;
- the option for customers to select their seat from the point of booking, for both domestic and international flights;
- the option for customers who have not made their booking online to select their seat via the 'Manage Your Booking' service on; and
- the ability for customers who select their seat online before departure to be automatically checked-in and have a 2D barcode sent to their mobile phone, portable device or PC.

"Domestic customers electing to receive their boarding pass on their mobile phone or portable device can have a paperless experience, from booking, to check-in to boarding. Customers with baggage can proceed directly to the bag drop facilities before heading straight to their flight," he said.

"For our international customers, passengers who have already checked-in will proceed straight to a dedicated online bag drop counter."

Mr Borghetti said these technological enhancements formed part of a broader mobile strategy for Qantas, giving customers access to information and services via portable devices.

"As part of this strategy, Qantas is working to ensure all services are available for customers with the iPhone 3G," he said.

Regardless of which option they use, all passengers and their baggage will continue to pass through all required airport security screening.

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (3816)