Update on QF72 Diversion to Learmonth

Sydney, 07 October 2008

Qantas is sending two aircraft to Learmonth from Perth to collect passengers and crew.

A B767 is due to arrive in Learmonth at 5.10pm local time and a B717 at 5.40pm. The aircraft are due to arrive back in Perth at 7.50pm and 8.35pm respectively.

Inquiries regarding passengers should be directed to Qantas on 1800 062 241 (in Australia).

Further information will be issued as soon as it is available.

Correction to media release (Q3829) issued at 5.10 pm

The A330-300 aircraft landed in Learmonth at 1.45pm (local time) and had been due to land in Perth at 2.10pm (local time).

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (3830)