Business to Benefit from Online Check-in

Sydney, 05 October 2006

Qantas today introduced online check-in, allowing domestic passengers to check-in for flights over the internet at

Qantas Executive General Manager John Borghetti said Qantas expected the convenience of online check-in to be particularly attractive to business customers.

“Online check-in allows customers to check-in for same day return flights, choose their preferred seat and print their own boarding passes before heading to the airport,” Mr Borghetti said.

“It makes moving through the airport a faster process. Customers travelling with only carry-on baggage can head straight to their departure gate. Passengers with baggage to check-in need simply stop at one of our bag drop counters before going to their boarding gate.”

Mr Borghetti said passengers could check-in at up to a day before their scheduled departure.

He said Qantas had designed a new bar-coded boarding pass containing information unique to the journey and person travelling, which could be printed on any home or office printer.

“The new style of boarding pass will also be introduced progressively for customers checking-in at our airport counters,” Mr Borghetti said.

He said that all passengers and their baggage would still need to pass through airport security screening before boarding, regardless of which check-in process was used.

A step by step interactive demonstration of Qantas online check-in is available at

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (3488)