SYDNEY, 14 October 2004

Qantas has introduced a range of children's products and services designed to assist families and help make travelling easier and more enjoyable.

Qantas Head of Marketing, Martin McKinnon, said the airline had put considerable thought into what was a significant group of passengers.

"We understand that young children have special requirements when they're travelling so we've created a range of activities to keep them entertained as part of their travel experience."

Activities with popular children's brands designed to keep children entertained for long periods have been introduced, ultimately assisting family travel, Mr McKinnon said.

The airline's family friendly focus has led to a sponsorship agreement between Qantas and The Wiggles, and a range of Wiggles based items will now be included in children's activity packs and entertainment programs.

Young children on international flights will receive Wiggles based activity packs with a snap lock pouch, The Wiggles magazine, coloured pencils, a pencil sharpener including a maze and a magnetic sketcher.

Older children on international flights receive an action packed adventure story about Jake the dog from the Playstation 2 game, 'Dog’s Life'. They'll also receive a 32-page activity book, coloured pencils, pencil sharpener with maze, magic slate, mini playing cards, a tangram (Chinese puzzle), decoder wheel and either a plush 'Jake' toy or a handy children's travel clock.

Qantas Club lounges in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane will also feature a series of nature and wildlife books for children created by Australian photographer Steve Parish for children to read prior to their flight.

Mr McKinnon said the focus on making flying fun had also extended to children's meals, with plans to incorporate bright colours and a fun factor using activity traymats and coloured cutlery. Meals for younger children will include specially branded The Wiggles juice and The Wiggles activity traymat. Older children will receive a Sony PlayStation 2: Dog's Life activity traymat.

The Qantas website - will also feature activity pages where children can create their own bag tags and a special Qantas kid's passport, play a memory game, and colour in activities.

Mr McKinnon says parents haven't been forgotten, with helpful information and 'travelling with children' tips included on the Qantas website, complied with Kathleen Warren, The Wiggles early childhood consultant.

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (3163)