Qantas Statement on A330 Maintenance

Sydney, 17 March 2006

Qantas said today that any suggestion that it was looking to permanently outsource A330 heavy maintenance was incorrect.

The Executive General Manager of Qantas Engineering, Mr David Cox, said Qantas had always used external providers in the early days of a new aircraft's maintenance program and then looked to bring this work onshore at a later time.

"Our A330 fleet is no different - it is a young and still relatively small fleet " he said.

"Accordingly, we are talking to a number of highly qualified vendors regarding checks for some of the fleet that need to be undertaken later this year. These vendors include SR Technics in Switzerland.

"We are already looking at onshore options for the longer term future of our A330 work and if we achieve the efficiency improvements we expect at our Brisbane B767 base in coming years, we will invest in A330 heavy maintenance at that facility."

Mr Cox said that suggestions that Qantas was talking to SR Technics about A380 heavy maintenance were also incorrect.

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (3403)