First Qantas 737-800 Named After Broome

Broome, 24 March 2002

The first aircraft delivered in the Qantas 737-800 fleet was today named after Broome in Western Australian at a ceremony attended by Western Australian Premier Dr Geoff Gallop and Broome Shire President Kevin Fong. Qantas Group General Manager Australia Sales Ian Mitchell said the Broome ceremony marked the beginning of the first phase of a new project to name all Qantas aircraft after Australian places, beginning with 14 of the airline's new 737-800 fleet.

"A second 737-800 will be named in honour of Western Australia, and will be called Fremantle," Mr Mitchell said.

"We will progressively extend the naming project to include all Qantas aircraft. "Qantas aircraft carry more than 22 million people a year to more than 100 destinations here and around the world, which gives us the perfect opportunity to carry the names of some of Australia's best loved places throughout our own country and overseas," he said. Each newly named Qantas aircraft will be fitted with a plaque stating the origin of the place name and a brief description of the area's key attractions.

The Broome plaque reads:

* Broome is situated 1,677 km north of Perth in Western Australia.

* A tropical oasis nestled between the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean and the Kimberley wilderness, Broome is a popular holiday destination.

* Established in the 1880s as a pearling port, Broome is today recognised as one of the world's largest centres for cultured pearls.

* Broome has a multi-cultural population of approximately 13,500 residents.

Qantas already has aircraft named after Western Australia's Bunbury, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Mandurah and Perth.

The only exceptions to the new naming policy are the two 747s Wunala Dreaming and Nalanji Dreaming and the 737-800 Yananyi Dreaming, all of which are named for their spectacular Aboriginal designed paintwork.

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