Qantas Launches Premium Economy Cabin

Sydney, 24 July 2007

Qantas today revealed the new Premium Economy cabin and seating to be offered progressively on its international Boeing 747-400 aircraft from February 2008 and on its fleet of new A380 being delivered from August 2008.

Qantas Executive General Manager John Borghetti said the airline's Premium Economy cabin would appeal to Economy travellers seeking more space, comfort and an enhanced level of service.

"The Premium Economy seat was designed by Marc Newson - the designer of our award winning Skybed sleeper seat - and manufactured by Recaro, which makes seats for luxury auto brands such as Aston Martin, Audi and Porsche," Mr Borghetti said.

"The seats offer extra width and recline, more legroom, and an in-arm digital wide screen television monitor, as well as laptop power connection.

"Premium Economy will also include a self-service bar offering a selection of refreshments throughout the flight, in addition to the regular choice of meals designed by Neil Perry's Rockpool Group, premium wines, superior tableware and soft furnishings."

Mr Borghetti said other key features of Premium Economy included:
* the world's best Premium Economy recline and leg room - nine inch seat recline and up to 42 inch seat pitch;
* extra wide, 19.5 inch seat width;
* ergonomic cushioning;
* larger, in-arm touch screen video monitor;
* multiport jack with USB (A380 only) and RJ45 ports;
* a six-way adjustable headrest;
* an integrated leg rest with fold-out footrest; and
* a wide centre console with a fixed cocktail table and in-arm meal table.

"Premium Economy customers will also have a dedicated check-in area," Mr Borghetti said.

He said the Premium Economy cabin would be available gradually on B747 services to London, Hong Kong and Johannesburg from February 2008 with further routes being added following the introduction of A380 aircraft.

Premium Economy will be located on the main deck of B747 aircraft with 32 seats in a two-four-two configuration. On the A380, the cabin will be located on the upper deck with 32 seats in a two-three-two configuration.

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (3619)