Sydney, 07 July 2006

Qantas today welcomed the removal of limitations on the number of air services that can be operated between the UK and Australia.

The Chief Financial Officer of Qantas, Mr Peter Gregg, said that the UK was an important market, and that this development would enable Qantas to grow in the future.

"While we have only recently reached our limit of 28 services a week to the UK and have no immediate plans to add flights, this decision will allow us to make commercial decisions regarding future growth," Mr Gregg said.

Mr Gregg said Qantas also welcomed the increased opportunities to operate at intermediate points and beyond the United Kingdom, but was disappointed that this did not extend to points in China and the USA.

"Our ability to take advantage of these new opportunities depends on access arrangements under Australia's bilateral agreements with third countries," he said.

"Hong Kong, where Qantas has now reached its limit of daily services between Hong Kong and London, is a case in point."

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (3448)