Qantas Statement on QF2

Sydney, 09 January 2008

Qantas said today the B747-400 aircraft that lost electrical power on descent into Bangkok on 7 January was now back in normal operation.

Qantas Executive General Manager John Borghetti said the pilots had handled this unusual situation in line with their training.

Mr Borghetti said the incident was triggered by water entering the generator control unit, which caused loss of power. The aircraft had automatically reverted to standby power.

"The aircraft was subjected to stringent inspections and testing in Bangkok before being cleared to fly," he said.

"As is normal practice, we are conducting our own investigation as well as working with Boeing, the ATSB and CASA, on their investigations. A more detailed report on the incident will be released by the ATSB in due course.

"As a precaution, Qantas has inspected its entire B747-400 fleet and all of these aircraft have been cleared to fly."

Mr Borghetti said that Boeing, in line with normal practice, would notify all airlines operating B747-400s of what had occurred.

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (Q3709)