Faster, Smarter Check-in launches across the Tasman

Sydney, 08 December 2011

Qantas today launched the first stage of its international Faster, Smarter Check-in with new Q Card Readers now operational at key trans-Tasman ports.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said Faster Smart Check-in would provide trans-Tasman customers with greater ease when checking in for flights to and from New Zealand.

“Faster, Smarter Check-in has proved so popular with our frequent flyers for their domestic travel, we are now implementing stage one of our international roll out with Sydney, Auckland and Wellington,” Mr Joyce said.

“Our trans-Tasman frequent flyers can now scan their frequent flyer card and passport and retrieve their boarding pass within seconds of arriving at the airport. It’s all about cutting down the journey time for our customers.”

The new trans-Tasman Q Card Reader Check-in means Platinum, Gold and Silver Frequent Flyers and Qantas Club members travelling across the Tasman will be able to use their Qantas card to check-in at an internationally configured Q Card Reader, streamlining their international experience.

Customers travelling between Australia and New Zealand, who hold an Australian or New Zealand passport, will be able to scan their Qantas card at the Q icon as per the process for the domestic Q Card Reader. They then scan their passport at the reader located below the Q icon, completing their check-in.

The Faster, Smarter Check-in process has responded to the changing needs of Qantas’ most valued customers and has delivered new levels of speed and ease for the domestic check-in experience.

The introduction of the Q Card Readers forms the first phase of Qantas’ plans to broaden the use of the award-winning technology to streamline the international check-in experience.

Trans-Tasman Q Card Readers will be progressively introduced to Melbourne, Brisbane and Queenstown throughout 2011, with plans to rollout the technology in Christchurch next year.

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (5342)