UPDATE: Impact to Qantas Services - Volcanic Ash in Europe

Sydney, 20 April 2010

Qantas has made further changes to its scheduled services on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 April due to the continued closure of airspace in Europe.

All flights from Asia to Europe will be cancelled as follows:

Wednesday 21 April
* QF5 Singapore to Frankfurt cancelled
* QF9 Singapore to London Heathrow cancelled
* QF31 Singapore to London Heathrow cancelled

Thursday 22 April
* QF1 Bangkok to London Heathrow cancelled
* QF29 Hong Kong to London Heathrow cancelled

However services between Australia and Asian destinations will operate as follows:
* QF1 will operate Sydney to Bangkok as scheduled
* QF31 will operate Sydney to Singapore as scheduled
* QF9 will operate Melbourne to Singapore as scheduled
* QF29 will operate Melbourne to Hong Kong as scheduled

On Thursday 22 April, QF5 Sydney to Singapore will be cancelled, however all passengers will be accommodated on the scheduled return QF31 Sydney to Singapore service.

Qantas will continue to operate scheduled services between Asian destinations and Australia as follows:
* QF2 will operate Bangkok to Sydney as scheduled
* QF30 will operate Hong Kong to Melbourne as scheduled
* QF6 will operate Singapore to Sydney as scheduled

QF32 Singapore to Sydney has been cancelled, however all passengers will be accommodated on the scheduled QF6 Singapore to Sydney service.

Qantas inbound services from London Heathrow and Frankfurt will be cancelled as follows:

Wednesday 21 April
* QF32 London to Singapore cancelled
* QF30 London to Hong Kong cancelled
* QF10 London to Singapore cancelled
* QF2 London to Bangkok cancelled
* QF6 Frankfurt to Singapore cancelled

Thursday 22 April
* QF32 London Heathrow to Singapore cancelled
* QF6 Frankfurt to Singapore cancelled

Qantas Group Executive Government and Corporate Affairs, Mr David Epstein, said over 15,000 Qantas customers had now been impacted by the cancellation of flights into and out of Europe.

"Qantas is urging passengers to reconsider any non-urgent travel to Europe," Mr Epstein said.

"Customers due to travel on cancelled services will be transferred to next available scheduled services or offered a refund. At this time there is no new or additional seat availability on services to Europe until early May.

"Qantas will be doing everything to meet passenger needs once flights into Europe are able to resume, however access to UK and European airports will be difficult due to the backlog of flights from around the world.

"Qantas is exploring the opportunity to operate supplementary flights to reduce back loads, however these services cannot be applied for until we have confirmation on airspace availability from European authorities."

Customers booked on affected flights are advised not to proceed to the airport.

Customers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok who have revised their travel plans to Europe and wish to return to Australia will be booked on the next available return service at no cost.

Qantas will continue to support customers to secure accommodation where they are unable to do so themselves.

Passengers are advised to check for the latest information.

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (4061)