Manage Your Booking Mobile

Manage your flight booking from the palm of your hand
Manage your booking mobile

You can now get ready for your trip on your mobile at Manage Your Booking. Log in now to do things like top up your baggage allowance, update your flight details, check in and select your seat, and download your itinerary to your calendar. With personalised information for where and when you are going, it's all about you.

Plenty of reasons to visit Manage Your Booking:

  • Top up existing baggage with additional allowance (multiple times if you need to, up to 100 kilos)
  • Download your itinerary to your calendar with iCalendar
  • Choose your seats
  • Create duplicate tax invoices for cars, flights, additional baggage and seats
  • Separate passengers on your current booking into their own booking
  • Manage complimentary add-ons like chauffer drive, upgrades and Select on Q-Eat if you're eligible.
  • Book hotels, car hire, insurance, transfers and activities
  • Access great travel guides
  • Share your trip via facebook, twitter or email