John Travolta

Qantas Ambassador-at-large
john travolta

John Travolta became our official Qantas "Ambassador-at-Large" or Goodwill Global Ambassador on June 2002, when we joined him to launch the Spirit of Friendship tour to foster goodwill and encourage people to travel after September 11.

John Travolta first became aware of Qantas as a young boy, when his fascination with all things aviation began. He was struck by Qantas' safety record and the fact that it flew the longest routes in the world.

After learning to fly light aircraft in his teens, John began to buy aircraft in his 20s, eventually acquiring an ex-Qantas Boeing 707.

Upon commencing our Spirit of Friendship Tour, John was presented with his 747-400 'wings', having undergone extensive training with Qantas in Sydney and Boeing in Seattle.

The tour began on 1 July 2002, with John piloting his Boeing 707, painted in its original 1960s Qantas branding and livery.

Today John Travolta continues to fly his Boeing 707 and represents the Qantas brand both in Australian and overseas.