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Manange Your Booking Help

At the top of the page you will see your booking reference. To the right of this there are two links:

Print itinerary allows you to print a copy of the page.
E-mail a friend allows you to e-mail a copy of your booking to a person of your choice.

Passenger Details

The passenger details panel shows:

  • names of all passengers
  • Frequent Flyer numbers
  • booking contacts details
  • any special requests per passenger

To view any special requests recorded in your booking click on the passengers name.

There are three buttons in the panel that allow you to:

  • add special requests^
  • add Frequent Flyer numbers, and
  • update your contact details^

Special requests must be made at least 24 hours before scheduled departure. If it is within 24 hours of departure the special requests button will not be available.

^ Only available for bookings made direct with Qantas.

Your Flight

The your flight panel shows:

  • Flight dates and times
  • From and to cities
  • Flight number
  • Departure terminal

If you click on the flight number a pop up box will appear that shows:

  • Who operates the flight,
  • Departure and arrival cities and terminals,
  • If you will be served a meal onboard,
  • If the flight has any scheduled stopovers,
  • The total flight time, and
  • The type of aircraft you will be travelling on.

There are also more flight info links under each flight in your booking. If you click on this link you can obtain useful information related to your flight such as:

  • Flight status
  • Travel class*
  • Flight duration
  • Check-in and baggage information*

The first link is open by default.

* Only available for Qantas operated flights.

Schedule Changes

In some circumstances your flight may have a schedule change. When this happens a warning message will be displayed at the top of the page. The new flight is shown in the Your Flight panel. You will need to confirm the schedule change by clicking on the confirm button. If the flight is not able to be confirmed online you will need to call your local Qantas office.

Upgrade with Points

If you have made your booking direct with Qantas you can upgrade your booking using Frequent Flyer Points or Upgrade Credits. To do this click on the Upgrade with Points button in the Your Flight panel. This will take you to the Flyer bookings page when you can request your upgrade.

Change Flights

You can change your booking online if your booking:

  • Was made online
  • Is for domestic travel
  • Has been ticketed

To change your flight click on the Change Flights button in the Your Flight panel.