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Step 4 - Passengers

All passengers will be displayed on this page. You can add your Frequent Flyer number, APIS details (if travelling to the US) or update details for Adult 1 if necessary before proceeding with the new booking. Note that all fields marked with an asterisk* are mandatory.


The e-mail address is used to send your itinerary receipt so it is important to check that it is correct, if the e-mail address displayed is no longer correct add your new e-mail address here.

We may also use your e-mail to contact you about flight updates up to three days before your first flight out.

We may need to contact you about your flight. The contact details you provide will only be used for this trip.

You will need to specify both a daytime and an evening contact number. This number can be the same if you wish and can be your mobile number if this is your preferred number. Enter the numbers as digits only, with no spaces or special characters such as hyphens or brackets. Include any area codes. If the displayed numbers are not correct add the new contacts to each relevant field.

If you supply a mobile phone or destination phone number they must be for one of the travelling passengers.

If you have completed and checked all your details and you are happy to continue, click on the forward arrow button at the bottom of the page to purchase your flights.