Manage Your Booking Help

Manage Your Booking

View, change and update your booking in one place at

Manage your booking allows you to:

  • View and print your booking.
  • Email your booking to another person.
  • Add your Qantas Frequent Flyer number.

Plus, if you have made your booking direct with Qantas you can:

  • Change bookings within Australia and New Zealand or to and from international destinations.
  • Request an upgrade using your points.
  • Update your phone contact details.
  • Confirm a schedule time change.
  • Add special requests such as meals seat preferences and sporting equipment
  • Separate one of the passengers on your booking into a separate booking reference.
  • Purchase Exit Row seats for international flights.
  • Purchase additional baggage allowance.
  • Change domestic multi-city flights.
  • Pre-order your meal with Select on Q-Eat.
  • Book Chauffeur drive and Dubai Cconnect.
  • Add insurance.
  • Add car hire.

To use this service all you need is your Qantas booking reference and last name.

Visit Manage Your Booking now.


To change your booking select the new date or time of the flight you want to change, then click 'Continue'.

If you have a return or multi-city booking you can select one or multiple flights to be changed.

One of your flights may appear greyed out. This might have happened because either the fare conditions do not allow changes to the flight or you have already travelled on the flight.

Select the 'Back' button to go back to the Manage Your Booking page.

Select Fares

The flights you have selected to change appear highlighted in 'Your Flights'.

A list of available flights and fares are displayed. Prices shown are per passenger and include charges and taxes (except for travel to New Zealand). You can filter results to show flights by arrival or departure time, non-stop and Qantas operated services only.

For one-way and return bookings, the new flights will display on one page. If you have selected to change a multi-city booking, new flights will show for each leg of your journey once you have selected the preceding flight.

Click on the fare type to view the conditions of each fare or click on 'compare fare types' to view the conditions of all fares.
To select a new flight, check the radio button next to the price of the fare type and flight you want.

Once you have selected all your new flights the amount due will display at the bottom of the page. The current and previous price per passenger is shown, plus the total amount due for each passenger. The total price shown is the amount due for all passengers. If a change fee applies to your booking this will be shown on the Review page.

If there are no available flights on the dates requested a message will appear at the top of the page that reads 'There are no flights available for the dates selected. Search again or fly on dates below.'

Select the 'Continue' button to continue.

You can click the 'Back' button to return to the search page. To cancel your change, click on 'Start Again'. This only cancels your update, not your existing flights.


Your new flights are displayed for your review, shown in 'Your Flights'.

The flight dates, times, destinations, flight numbers, fare types, travel classes and baggage allowances are displayed.

The total price shown is the amount due for all passengers. Hover over the total price to show the breakdown of fares, charges and taxes.

Important Fare Information is listed and corresponds to the fare selected.

Don't Forget to read and accept the fare conditions before selecting the continue button.


You can now confirm and purchase your flights.

Your new flights are shown in 'Your Flights'. The total amount due is displayed.

The Payment section is where you enter your credit card details. All fields marked by an asterisk* are mandatory. Symantec Secure Socket Layer encryption protects all information from this point from unauthorised viewing.

For bookings made from Australia: BPAY is available for e-ticket bookings made at least seven days in advance.

When you have completed and checked all your details click the 'Confirmation' button to confirm your changes. Note: Once you have hit 'Confirmation' your credit card will be charged.

To cancel your change and start again click on 'Start Again'. This only cancels your update, not your existing flights.