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Use these pages to find out how to view, change and update eligible bookings using Manage Your Booking. Select a heading to get help on specific sections or scroll down the page.


Use this section to manage contact and frequent flyer details, Advance Passenger Information (APIS) for international flights, as well as meals and special requests, and to separate bookings.


You'll find details about all travellers on a booking under the 'Passengers' section.
By selecting the red 'EDIT' button, you can:

  • Add frequent flyer details
  • Update Booking contact details (note: passenger name changes cannot be made online)
  • Add your ABN or QBN number
  • Add/update meal requests for eligible flights
  • Add/update sporting equipment information

You'll see an ENTER APIS and SEPARATE buttons if your itinerary is eligible. Select the relevant button as required.

Flights & Check-in

Use the flights section to do the following for eligible flights: check-in, change flights, book chauffeur drive, select your inflight meal using Select on Q-Eat, request points upgrades, and manage schedule changes.


Full details about your flight itinerary can be found in the Flights section.
Simply click on the flight panel to expand the display and view your flight details in full, and click the up arrow to hide the detail again.

The CHECK-IN, CHANGE and CANCEL buttons will only be shown in red if your itinerary is eligible. Click on the relevant button as required.

Options that may be applicable to your fare will be shown at the bottom of the section, such as Select on Q-Eat, Chauffeur drive, and eligible/logged in frequent flyers may also be able to request an upgrade using points here.

When there has been a schedule change or cancellation of your flight there may be different buttons displayed: ACCEPT, CHANGE and CANCEL. You will need to select an option for your booking to be updated:

  • ACCEPT will confirm the flight that Qantas has pre-selected for you;

  • CHANGE will allow you to choose another flight; and

  • CANCEL will allow you to create a voucher or select a refund where applicable.


Use this section to view your included baggage and purchase additional baggage.


The checked baggage allowance for the first flight will be shown on the page. Use the red arrow beside other flights to view the checked baggage allowances, noting that Frequent Flyer allowances are not included. Check your Frequent Flyer allowances.

If you are able to purchase more baggage allowance, you'll see a red 'purchase' link. Click on this to purchase more allowance.

You can also inform us about any sporting equipment you may be travelling with by selecting 'Sporting Equipment'.

The 'show more' link offers further information regarding baggage allowances


Use this section to select your seats prior to check-in.


Select the arrow to view details of seat allocations for your flights.

If you are able to select seats, the red 'select seats' link will appear. If seat selection requires purchase, the prices will be shown as you select the seat.

You can also select your seats by selecting 'Select your seats in advance' or 'Exit Row Seats'.


Use this section to find hotels, tours, car hire and other transport for your trip.


To help you get ready for your trip, Qantas has put together a list of travel options like hotels, car hire, airport transfers and tours that are relevant to your trip. Select to book

Before you travel

Use this section to things to consider before you travel such as book travel insurance, buy carbon credits to offset your flight or read articles about your destination.


Qantas has put together a list of travel options like Travel Insurance, Carbon offset and general information items that you may wish to review. Select to view the option.

Additional features offered by Manage Your Booking

Add to Calendar

Add your flight details directly into your own desktop calendar application.

Print the page

Print the Manage Your Booking page in full

Resend tax invoice

You may be able to resend a duplicate invoice for your flights, seat purchase and/or bag purchase. Click to see the options available for your booking.

Email itinerary

You can request a copy of your e-ticket or car confirmation to be emailed to you. Click for further information.

Search our FAQs for information on Manage Your Booking.