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Update Details and Special Requests Help

Passenger Details

You can add your Qantas or oneworld Frequent Flyer number to your booking if you forgot to add it when you made your booking.

You can now also add your ABN or QBN to your existing booking.

Your ABN or QBN cannot be changed once it has been added.

Contact Details

You can add or update the phone number or e-mail address for your booking.

The contact name cannot be changed.

Special Requests

Special requests must be made at least 24 hours before scheduled departure.

You can add:

  • Meals
  • Seat requests
  • Sporting equipment

Meal and seat requests can be added for each passenger travelling in the booking. To add a preference for a specific passenger click on the passenger name. To add your preferences select the item from the dropdown. If you need help, click on the '?' button next to the dropdown.

To add sporting equipment requests you will need to select the number of passengers. If you are travelling with a surfboard or windsurfer you will also need to enter the dimensions of the equipment. If you need help click on the question mark next to the word passengers.

Once all special requests have been entered ensure you acknowledge the conditions for special requests.

Note: When making any updates make sure you click on the 'Update' button to confirm your changes.

For all other special requests call your local Qantas office or travel agent to ensure all necessary arrangements are made.

For bookings from Australia, if you elected to pay by BPAY, the Biller Code and Customer Reference number is displayed.

BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number example