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Dietary Required Meal Request

  • Dietary required meal requests cannot be guaranteed.
  • Available for Qantas operated flights and must be requested at least 24 hours before departure, except Kosher meals which must be requested at least 36 hours before departure.
  • If you have requested a dietary required meal with another airline you will need to confirm it directly with them.
  • Not available in Domestic Economy where only refreshments are served and for some supper meals.

Seat Request

  • Seat preferences cannot be guaranteed.

Sporting Equipment

You can advise us in advance if you need to carry the following sport equipment as checked baggage. Additional baggage charges may apply.

  • Requests for the carriage of sporting equipment are on a space available basis only and will be confirmed at check-in.
  • Ensure you meet the requirements for packaging of your sporting equipment.
  • You can advise us in advance if you need to carry some types of sport equipment as checked baggage, additional baggage charges may apply. These include:

Note: Due to size restrictions some sporting equipment may not travel with you on the same aircraft.

For all other special requests call your local Qantas office to ensure all necessary arrangements are made.