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Step 2 - Select

A list of available flights are displayed

Flights are grouped into two boxes Flights Out and Flights Back. They are shown as direct flights first and are ordered by departure time.

You can sort flights by:

  • Direct flight
  • Price
  • Departure time
  • Arrival time
  • Duration
Sort flights by

The fare types are colour coded for easy reference. Click on the fare type to see the conditions of that fare. Or click on the 'Fare Type' link to see the conditions for all fares.

Fare Type

Prices are per adult for a one way fare and include charges/taxes. The total price for all passengers will be displayed on the next page.

Price example

The flight number is shown next to a red or yellow tail. A red tail means the flight is operated by Qantas, a yellow tail means the flight is operated by another airline.

Flight numbers

If you click on the flight number a pop up box will appear that shows:

  • Who operates the flight,
  • Departure and arrival cities and terminals,
  • If you will be served a meal onboard,
  • If the flight has any scheduled stopovers,
  • The total flight time, and
  • The type of aircraft you will be travelling on.
Flight details pop up

Even if you are searching for a domestic flight you may be shown flights that leave from the international terminal. Flights QF1-QF399 depart from the international terminal, flights QF400 and above leave from the domestic terminal. In Sydney, flights QF400-QF1599 leave from Terminal 3 and flights QF1600 and above leave from Terminal 2.

To make a selection click on the radio button next to the flight you want. If a search was requested for a return flight make sure you select both a Flight Out and a Flight Back.

Select a flight

Once a selection has been made, click on the forward arrow button at the bottom of the page, to review the selection.

Go to next step

If your customer is not happy with the results you can change your search by adding new search dates, times and fare preference at the bottom of the page and clicking on Go. To change the destinations click on the 'Start again' link.

Change your search

If there are no available flights on the dates requested a message will appear at the top of the page that reads "There are no flights available for the dates selected. Search again or fly on dates below."