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Step 4 - Passengers

If you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer with sufficient points in your account to purchase your flights and have selected 'Use points', view Any Seat Award help for assistance.

The 'Your Booking' panel displays information for each flight including flight date and time, origin and destination, flight number, fare type, travel class and the total price in the currency of the booking region.

Review Flights panel

To add car hire to your trip, use the 'Optional Items for Your Trip' panel. The car hire price quoted is based on the first destination of your flight booking. To view all car options for your destination, click on 'View Options'. To change the destination for car hire, click the link to 'Book a car in another city'.

Car hire option

If you add a car to your booking, the 'Car' panel displays the details of each car booked, including pick-up and drop-off details, car provider, car type, car features and special requests. Prices are displayed in the currency of the pick-up location that you will be charged in upon pick-up, and the display currency is shown in brackets for information purposes. Prices are estimated only.

Car details

Enter the details for all passengers on this page. All fields marked by an asterisk * are mandatory.

Enter all passengers' names. Ensure they match the photo identification they will use at check-in.

Enter the frequent flyer number of the passenger travelling. If the passenger travelling is not a member of a frequent flyer program, do not select a program and leave the field for frequent flyer number blank.

If you are logged in as a Qantas Frequent Flyer and are making a booking for another passenger who is not a member of a frequent flyer program, ensure that the frequent flyer number is blank and that no program is selected.

Passenger details

If you have added car hire to your booking, contact details are required for each car booked. You can also add your car provider loyalty number for each car booked. The first adult from your flight booking will automatically appear as the car contact for each car. To change this contact, select other adults from the dropdown.

Car contact details

We may need to contact you about your flight. The contact details you provide will only be used for this trip.

You will need to specify who you want to be contacted. The contact person can be one of the travelling adults or a travel arranger.

Contact details

The e-mail address is used to send your itinerary and receipt so it is important to check that it is correct. We may also use your e-mail to contact you about flight updates up to three days before your first flight out. To ensure your e-mail address is correct you will need to enter it a second time in the 'Confirm e-mail' box. If you want to subscribe to Qantas Red e-Mails to receive information about Qantas flight specials, tick the check box.

E-mail address

You will need to specify both a daytime and an evening contact number. This number can be the same if you wish and can be your mobile number if this is your preferred number. To copy your mobile number to all phone fields tick the 'Copy to all phone fields' box. Enter the numbers as digits only, with no spaces or special characters such as hyphens or brackets. Include any area codes.

If you supply a mobile phone or destination phone number they must be for one of the travelling passengers.

Phone numbers

If you regularly make bookings at you may want to tick the check box next to 'Remember these details for next time.' This means that next time you book a flight online at from the same computer, we will automatically remember your details.
If your details change, or you do not want us to remember your details any more, simply un-tick 'Remember these details for next time.'

Remember these details for next time

If you have an ABN (for businesses within Australia) or QBN (for businesses outside Australia), you can track your business travel spend when you book your travel at Make sure your ABN/QBN number is entered for each booking you make.

Qantas Travel Tracker

If you have completed and checked all your details and are happy to continue, click on the 'Payment' button at the bottom of the page, to purchase your flights. If you want to abandon this booking and start a new one, click the 'Start Again' button to go back to the page you started your booking from.

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