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Change Dates
Change Dates Calendar

To change your booking, select the flight you want to change, enter the new date and select 'Continue'.

If you have a return booking you can select one or both flights to be changed.

If you cannot select your flights, this may be because fare conditions do not permit changes or you have already travelled.

Select 'Cancel' if you wish to return to Manage Your Booking.

Hint: If you're "Flexible with dates" tick the check box to see alternative options that might be cheaper around your chosen date.

Select Your Dates
Select Your Dates

Note: If you didn't choose to be 'Flexible with dates' in your search, this step is skipped.

If you did select 'Flexible with dates', a calendar with the cost of changing your flights 7 days either side of your requested travel dates will appear.

The Lowest price indicator highlights dates with the cheapest fare.

Select Your Fare
Select Your Fare

Flights available for the lowest one way or return price-per-fare type are shown. Flight dates and times, destinations, flight number and duration of flight are also shown.

Fare types are colour coded for easy reference. Select the fare type to see the conditions of that fare or follow the 'Fare Type' link to see the conditions of all fares.


The details of your selected flights are displayed for review. This includes flight date and time, origin and destination, flight number, fare type, travel class and baggage information. If you would like to change the flights that you have selected, click on the 'Cancel' button to return to "Manage your Booking" page.

Choose your payment option to enter your details.

If you are happy with your selection tick the acknowledgement check box at the bottom of the page. By doing this you are acknowledging that you have read and accept the Fare Conditions and Terms and Conditions of Carriage and confirming that you are aware of the travel requirements for an Independent Traveller.


Your change is now confirmed and is highlighted by a green banner advising change has been successful.

Flights that have been changed are highlighted with a "New Flight" banner.

Hint: 'Manage Your Booking' offers plenty of interesting things you might like to do before
you travel, such as check-in online, change your flight, add special meals or book a hotel in your destination. The availability of these items is subject to your flight and fare type.