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Step 3 - Review

Your selected flights are displayed for your review. Click on the flight number to find out the type of aircraft you will be flying on, flight duration and included meals. Click on the fare type to find out the fare conditions.

Your new flights are shown in 'Your Flights'. The dates, times, destinations, flight numbers, fare types, travel classes and baggage allowances of your flight are displayed.


The price difference in points between your previous and current booking is shown plus the service fee if it is applicable.

Total price

If your original booking was paid with points, then you must pay for the difference with points.

If your original booking was paid with points plus credit card then you must pay for the difference with points and credit card.

The total price in points shown is for all passengers. If you click on the total price, a price breakdown of the taxes and charges will be shown.

Fare Breakdown

If you selected fare conditions, the following table will be displayed.

Fare Conditions

Once you have reviewed your changes and read the terms and conditions, tick the acknowledgment check box at the bottom of the page.

By doing this you acknowledge that you have read and accept the fare conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Carriage.


Click on the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page to purchase your new flights. If you would like to change your selected flights, click on the 'Back' button to return to the select page.

Note: If no additional payment is required you will skip the payment section and go directly to the confirmation page. If you are due a refund, this will be displayed on the review and confirmation pages.

To cancel your change and start again click on 'Cancel Change'. This only cancels your update, not your existing flights.