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Step 4 - Payment

You can now confirm and purchase your flights.

Your new flights are shown in 'Your Flights'. The flight dates, times, destinations, flight numbers, fare types and travel classes are displayed. The total price for your new flights and total amount due is displayed.


The payment and delivery section is where you enter your payment details. All fields marked by an asterisk * are mandatory. Symantec Secured Website Layer encryption protects all information from this point from unauthorised viewing.


The Delivery section confirms where your ticket will be sent.

Payment delivery
Payment buttons

When you have completed and checked all your details click the 'Confirm' button to confirm your changes. Note: Once you have clicked 'Confirm' your credit card will be charged and frequent flyer points deducted.

To cancel your change and start again click on 'Cancel Change'. Note that this only cancels your update, not your existing flights.