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Step 5 - Confirmation

Your change is now confirmed.

Your booking reference will be displayed and should be recorded. Use this reference to access your booking online or when you speak to one of our consultants. You can also check in for eligible flights with your booking reference, either online or from your mobile.

Your Flights

To view your booking click on the 'Manage Your Booking' button. Here you can add special requests, check in online or book hotels, cars and activities.

Booking Reference

Details of your booking are shown and include passenger names and Frequent Flyer numbers if provided.

The total price for the whole itinerary is shown. You can click on the price to show a breakdown.

Flight dates, times, destinations, flight numbers, fare types and travel classes are shown, plus the total price of your booking. Click on the total price to show a breakdown of your new fare and taxes.

Flight Info

Click on the fare type to display the conditions of your fare.

Change price

To view your booking or make a special request, click the 'Manage Your Booking' button. Otherwise click on the 'Qantas Home' button to return to the homepage.

Booking Confirmation

If you are travelling with an infant or have any other special requests contact Telephone Sales on 13 13 13.