The Foodie Experience

Food Experience

Day 1: We begin in beautiful Port Macquarie. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 2 and 3: Next, a four hour scenic drive to the coastal town of Nelson Bay for a luxury fine dining experience. (Recommended stay: 1 to 2 days)

Day 4 and 5: Onwards to Newcastle and the heritage-listed building Paymasters. Finish the day amongst the rolling hills in Mount View. (Recommended stay: 1 to 2 days)

Day 6 and 7: A long drive round Wollemi National Park will take you to the town of Orange, known as The Food Basket. (Recommended stay: 2 days)

Day 8: Make your way into the Blue Mountains to Lithgow. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 9: Explore the Carriageworks Farmer's Market in Sydney. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 10: Drive the NSW South Coast (Recommended stay: 2 days)

Ten days in food heaven

For the foodies out there, this trip will take you through the exciting landscapes and exquisite flavours of New South Wales. From local seafood to fine dining, you'll be exploring your entire taste palette.

Your journey begins with a flight along the coast to Port Macquarie. Grab a burrito from the local vendors and head over to the 9km Lighthouse Beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Don't forget to try some of the local wine as well.

Next stop, Nelson Bay, known for its fine dining restaurants and customer service. Take your time as you explore this peaceful coastal town and enjoy the breath-taking ocean views.

Continue driving South and visit Newcastle Harbour for a spot of lunch. Paymasters building is part of the old Convict Lumber Yard in historic Newcastle - this place is known for its exceptional service, food, prices and location. For dinner, dive into the Hunter Valley region for some exquisite cuisine.

Your journey continues into Orange, where the Food Of Orange District week is hosted every year in April. From cooking demonstrations and wine tastings to markets, farm visits and workshops, this 10 day event is guaranteed to further your knowledge and love of the region's food.

After indulging in the local food of Orange, enter the Blue Mountains. Don't forget to grab a bottle of the local wine to complement your dinner and the views.

Following the road through the stunning Blue Mountains, you'll end in the great city of Sydney. Carriageworks Farmers Market held every Saturday allows you to get up close and personal with the people who produce the local food. Lastly, pay a visit to the Rockpool Bar & Grill for some classic Australian dishes with a modern and luxurious twist. Don't forget to try some of the Sydney Food Trucks dotted around the city.

To finish off the trip, drive to the coastal town of Bermagui. Go for a long beach walk or try some deep sea fishing, then indulge yourself in the local oysters. Yum!

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