Congratulations to all our winners!
Tina Arena

Congratulations to Miriam Siers, who will be spending Christmas 2016 at home with her family!

Congratulations also to the first 100 eligible entrants in our #FlyMeHomeQantas competition!*

These lucky winners celebrated Australia Day at the O2 Forum Kentish Town at Tina Arena: One Night Only presented by Qantas, and received a copy of Tina's latest album 'Eleven'.

Adam Gibson Elizabeth Ryan Joanne Maree Summerfield Louise White Sandy Henshaw 
Adam Luxford Emma Baxter John Hyland Melissa Abu-Nackly Sarah Anthony
Alex Tomui Emma Jansons Joshua Whiddon Mia Brooke Hutchinson Sarah Boundy 
Amina Ward Erin Flynn Julie Hennegan Mia Orbach  Sarah Freeman
Amy-Grace Bulman Fiona Symonds Kahlia Alyce Lickiewicz Michael White  Sasha Oelsner
Anna Durkie Georgina Luxford Kate Wicks Michele Robbins Sharini Oliva
Anna McNaught Haralampos Ialousis Kathleen Pink  Natasha Jacobs Simone Weckmann
Ashleigh Vergara Holly Rose Brown Kirby Meehan Phoebe Settle  Sophie Easthope
Benjamin Custance Jackie Antas Kristy Leitch Pieter Van Baren Stacie Bacon
Bonnie Parker Jaime Hillman Kristy-Lee Davies  Rachel Marangon Stephen Atkinson
Brendan Arndt James Merritt Kyle O'Brien Rebecca Jean Elias   Stephen Hatch 
Caitlin Carey Jason Rosenbaum Lance Fakes Rebecca Laut   Stephen Partos
Cassie Seamons Jay Hockey-Smith Laura Davies  Renata Mortlaud Tanya Evans
Chanel McCanna Jenna McManus Louise Haines Ruelle Down Tara Nicole Smith
Christie Santic Jennifer Barnes Mai-Lan Tran  Sam Tarca Tim Shakespeare
Ciara Thiedeman Jessica Davies Martin Macumber Sam Willis Troy Hepple
Daniel McMillan Jessica McManus Maryanne Frost Samantha Bunce Veronika Kassar
Daniel Glover Jessica Norris Marthe Hocking Samantha Callery Victoria Penrose   
Darren Bell  Jo Lawrence  Megan Anderson  Samantha Metcalf Yanieke Lara Becker 
Elissa Day  Joanna Ford  Megan Voss  Samantha Williams Yvette Robinson   

Thanks to everyone who completed our survey. The 10 winners of a pair of Qantas Business pyjamas are:

Stephen Atkinson Jessica Auton Rue Down Margot Montgomery Fiona Ord
Melissa Abu-Nackly Shahn Deegan Jacky Mead Kylie Munnich Clea Romeo

Important Information

* This competition consists of two parts. The entry mechanism for these parts is the same, however the way winners are selected, the eligibility criteria and the prizes for these parts vary.

Winners of part 1 of this competition will be determined through rounds of judging, residents of Northern Ireland are permitted to enter this part of the competition, and winners will receive flights to Australia. This part of the competition will be referred to as 'Part 1'.

Winners of part 2 of this competition will be the first 100 Eligible Entrants who submit an Eligible Entry during the Promotion Period. Residents of Northern Ireland are excluded from this part of the competition. Winners will receive tickets to a Tina Arena concert. This part of the competition will be referred to as 'Part 2'.

Promoter: Qantas Airways Limited of 401 King St, Hammersmith, W6 9NJ, telephone 0845 7747 767 Promotion Period: 16 November 2015 to 24 January 2016. Eligible Entrants: Residents of the UK (or, for part 1 only, including Northern Ireland) aged 18 years and over who were born in Australia. Determining the winner: Part 1: Judging on 25 January 2016 by Tina Arena. The winners will be selected based on originality and creativity of Entries. Part 2: the first 100 Eligible Entrants who have submitted an Eligible Entry during the Promotion Period will win. Winner notification Part 1: by phone/email within 2 working days of the judging date. Part 2: within 2 working days of the date the number of 100 Eligible Entries has been reached or immediately after the Promotion Period, whichever is first. See full terms and conditions.