Our new domestic business lounge in Perth

Introducing our all-new Qantas domestic Business Lounge at Perth Airport Terminal 4 - setting a new standard for business travel in Australia. With flexible workspaces, high speed Wi-Fi and a dine-in bar with large screen televisions beaming your favourite sports, this new lounge environment will make your next trip an absolute pleasure.

Drawing on regional influences, every detail hints at the beauty of Western Australia.

Beyond the usual high quality dining options, it also boasts a pizza bar, run by our own pizza chef and a fresh bar with barista-made coffee and warm bakery items in the morning and premium wines in the evening.

And if you're still not convinced, read on, as we've got three experts within their respective fields, to put it to the test and see just how it lives up to their high expectations.

Food Writer

Pizza Chef

Renee Bergere - Food Writer, on the new Qantas Perth Business Lounge

The scent of fresh pastries and the hiss of steaming milk hit me as I enter the new Qantas domestic Business Lounge. Waistcoat-wearing baristas pour frothy leaves in freshly brewed Vittoria coffee and pull buttery croissants out of the oven, and for a moment I forget I'm at the airport.

Even if I hadn't arrived ravenous, my appetite would be piqued. But I have, and the sight of the 10m buffet gets me salivating. Forget pastries. And anyway, it's lunchtime.

That Neil Perry, of Rockpool fame, designed the menus comes as no surprise. There's an incredible braise of Mongolian lamb, a Marseille blue Le Creuset pot filled with a silky smooth but spicy carrot and coconut soup, along with lighter options like toasted sandwiches, fresh salads, cheese and an antipasto platter heaped with feta, house-made focaccia and paper-thin slices of grilled and marinated zucchini, capsicum and eggplant.

But the real star attraction is the pizza oven, which cranks out slabs of Roman style pizzas using house-made dough. The four trained pizza chefs manning the Italian stone oven can hardly keep up with demand. Ok, that's my bad. But this is truly special pizza - chewy, crispy crust, sweet-yet-zingy passata and simple toppings. I hope no one notices I've eaten my body weight in the spicy salami, mozzarella and basil.

As I wait for my flight at one of the long communal tables, I admire small details:
the Marc Newson designed cutlery, the fresh juice bar and local produce like Brownes Dairy yoghurt, Harvey Fresh milk and Del Basso small goods. My only complaint? That cocktail hour doesn't start until 4pm and I'll be missing it.

I nibble on a dark chocolate brownie and it dawns on me: whoever said it's all about the journey and not the destination must fly Qantas.

Business Traveller

Business Traveller

Brendan Williams - Operations Manager, Railtrain, Pty Ltd, on the new Qantas Perth Business Lounge

As someone who spends a lot of time in airports, I was keen to see first hand how the new Qantas Business Lounge at the Perth Domestic Airport stacked up.

Well, I was not disappointed. My first impressions were "WOW". The lounge is contemporary, modern and stylish. The atmosphere in the lounge, welcoming and relaxing.

The lounge is a step up compared to other lounges I have visited. It felt like everywhere Qantas had an opportunity to go further, to make the experience better for those of us who work on the run, they did.

There is plenty of room and space available that, in my view, offers business travellers many options to either work, relax or have a quick drink and a bite to eat before traveling to their chosen destination. It's truly adaptable.

There were a variety of comfortable seating options and frankly, the food was fantastic! There was even a specially trained pizza chef, operating the in-house pizza oven. More than anything, the food caters for all tastes, I especially like the new fresh fruit juicing machine where you can select your own mix of fresh fruit or vegetables and create your own juice just to your liking.

And right when your energy levels are waning, the perfect coffee was only a few steps away, from the friendly baristas.

The fully self-sufficient work spaces were first class too. With PCs and wireless printing as well as phone charging facilities at your fingertips, I felt like I had everything I could possibly need to turn the airport into my office.

Ultimately, this new lounge offers guests like me a new level of experience in Perth and the opportunity to either work on the run, or sit back and relax in a modern and relaxing environment before taking off on a long flight.

Well done Qantas.

Interior Designer


Lisa Ewart - Interior Designer, Collected Interiors, on the new Qantas Perth Business Lounge

Timber dowels in the entry line up side by side to greet me; they form a screen behind two pod style reception desks. I learn these timber dowel screens not only offer acoustic benefits but are a reflection of our old growth forests in the Margaret River region. The architectural finishes, design cues and decorative elements are in fact all inspired by our distinct West Australian visual landscape, from terracotta feature walls representing an iron-rich landscape through to custom made serving boards from locally sourced jarrah wood.

The interior is modern and contemporary, warm and earthy and is emphasised by the use of locally sourced colours and materials. Natural stone and warm timber are the foundation of the floors, walls and ceilings; while cool tones of blues and greys make up the upholstery and carpet., Feature metallic tiles reflect our mineral deposits, Australian designed pendants hang from the ceiling and succulents are planted in hand-crafted ceramic pots featured throughout the lounge.

The spatial planning has been carefully curated into flexible sub zones. The lounge works its way from a quiet meeting room at the front, through to banquette seating with flexible chair arrangements. Further on, a bar serving barista-made coffee and warmed bakery items becomes a wine bar after lunch. An extensive food zone follows, complete with pizza, served piping-hot fresh from the pizza oven and finally through to the sports bar, where chill out jazz tunes are playing. I envisage myself spending time here; it's a comfortable atmosphere.

This Perth lounge is no cookie cutter design and I'm impressed it stays true to our distinct West Australian design style - it's both rugged and formal and caters well for our unique West Australian mining and business market.