Changing flights at

Manage your booking online at

Changing the date or time of your booking is easy at if your fare rules permit the change. For most bookings, simply follow four easy steps.

  1. Retrieve your Booking via Manage Your Booking or log in to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account and go to Your Bookings
  2. Select 'Change' in the Your Flights panel.
  3. Make changes and accept any change fees or fare differences, if applicable.
  4. Confirm your changes.

If the option 'change' does not appear, you may not be able to change your flight at Contact your local Qantas Contact Centre to change your booking via phone. Note that service fees^ may apply.

View the table below to see if your booking can be changed online

Changes to the date
and time of booking
Domestic Trans-Tasman International and Partner Airlines++  Reward Bookings+#
One way bookings
Return bookings
Multi-city bookings~
Partially travelled bookings ++
No show
Multiple changes

Permitted    Not Permitted

Note:Only date, time or via points within existing from and to cities, can be changed online at Contact your local Qantas Contact Centre for all other changes, including destination, name and travel class, changes for unaccompanied minors or in the case that changes are not required for all passengers. Service fees^ apply.

Changes to Reward Bookings

Change Booking

You can change the date and time for Classic Flight Rewards bookings up to 24 hours before you depart at Manage Your Booking.+ Make sure the Frequent Flyer who paid for the original booking is logged in.

To change the departure city or destination in your booking, contact Flight Award and Priority Reservations.

You can change the date and time of your Points Plus Pay - Flights booking if your fare allows but different conditions to Classic Flight Rewards apply.#

Important Information

* Changes must be made at (English versions only) and are subject to availability and your fare rules.

^ Service fees apply for changes made via Qantas Contact Centres.

~ Multi-city bookings are those with more than one stop, or a flight where you are not returning to the same point of origin. Note: Multi-city bookings with a Jetstar flight are not eligible to be changed at

+ All changes are subject to Classic Flight Rewards seat availability in the relevant class and may require payment of additional points. Charges and taxes may apply. Changes that require a ticket to be re-issued are not permitted within 24 hours of departure or once travel has commenced. Changes are not permitted on any Classic Flight Rewards flight paper ticket booking once travel has commenced. To make changes to Reward bookings which include travel to Hong Kong or Vancouver, contact us.

# The fare rules will vary depending on the type of Points Plus Pay - Flights booking you have redeemed your points for. Check the fare conditions when you make your booking at

++ Changes permitted once online.
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