Qantas Business Essentials

Sample Reporting

Track your business travel costs with our free quarterly reports* which provide summarised and detailed information on:

  • Qantas flights.
  • Hotels and cars booked at
  • Plus, flight bookings made at*

All you have to do is enter your allocated Qantas Business Number (QBN) in each online flight, hotel and car booking.

Your nominated contact will then receive each quarter via e-mail a:

* Reports will be displayed in the currency of booking and will be converted into New Zealand dollars (NZD) where applicable. Reports will show flights booked through Qantas Business Essentials and flights booked at where the QBN has been entered during the booking process; flights booked through a Qantas office (including, Qantas Contact Centres, Qantas retail outlets and airport locations) where the QBN has subsequently been added to the booking via Manage Your Booking at; and car and hotel bookings made through where the customer has entered their QBN during the booking process.