Sample Reporting

Track your business travel costs with our free monthly reports* which provide summarised and detailed information on:

  • Qantas flights.
  • Hotels and cars booked at
  • Flight bookings made at*

All you have to do is enter your allocated Qantas Business Number (QBN) in each online flight, hotel and car booking.

Your nominated contact will then receive each month by e-mail a:

*Reports will be displayed in the currency of booking and will be converted into Hong Kong dollars (HKD$) where applicable. Reports will show flights booked through Qantas Business Essentials and flights booked at where the QBN has been entered during the booking process; flights booked through a Qantas office (including, Qantas Contact Centres, Qantas retail outlets and airport locations) where the QBN has subsequently been added to the booking via Manage Your Booking at before travel; and car and hotel bookings made through where the customer has entered their QBN during the booking process.