Booking tips for Qantas Business Reward members

When booking direct at

When booking Qantas flights¹, here are a couple of simple tips to follow to ensure your business receives Qantas Points² and your travellers continue to receive their Qantas Points³ and Status Credits⁴ as they usually would.

On the 'Book' page under Passenger Details:

  1. Enter the Traveller's Frequent Flyer number
  2. Enter your business' ABN Number

When booking through your preferred Travel Agent

To receive Qantas Points for your business on Qantas flights, your preferred Travel Agent must add your business' ABN and traveller's Qantas Frequent Flyer number into each booking.

ABN's must be added in a specific format dependent on the reservations system used by your Travel Agent. Further assistance for your Travel Agent is available via our Qantas Industry Sales Centre.

Specific ABN Entries are:

GDS ABN entry format Example: ABN 12345678901
Amadeus SK QSME QF-99999999999 SK QSME QF-12345678901
Galileo SI.QF*QSME.99999999999 SI.QF*QSME.12345678901
Sabre 3OSI QF QSME.9999999999 3OSI QF QSME.12345678901
Qantas Trade site Enter the ABN in the ABN field on the Book page under passenger details  


  • Entry must be in the exact format specified, including any dots and spaces
  • Ensure the .(dot) and * are entered as per the examples above
  • Ensure the spaces represented above are entered as spaces in the system
  • "9999999999" is replaced by the Qantas Business Reward members ABN. An ABN is an 11 digit number
  • Changes to ABN entries for Sabre and Galileo users can only be made by contacting QIC
Important Information

1. An eligible flight means a domestic or international flight which has a Qantas 'QF' flight number on the ticket that is purchased in Australia; is operated by Qantas, Emirates or American Airlines; has a ticket number commencing with '081'; and is booked and travelled for business on or after the date the business registers for Qantas Business Rewards. Exclusions apply.

2.  A business must be a Qantas Business Rewards Member to earn Qantas Points.A one-off join fee of $89.50 applies, is inclusive of any applicable GST and may be varied by Qantas from time to time, without notice, in its absolute discretion. Qantas Points are offered under the applicable partner's terms and conditions and earning thresholds may apply. Membership of Qantas Business Rewards and the earning of Qantas Points as a business are subject to the Qantas Business Rewards Terms and Conditions..

3. You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member to earn and redeem Qantas Points. A joining fee may apply. Membership and the earning and redemption of Qantas Points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program terms and conditions.

4. Status Credits determine your Frequent Flyer membership level. Qantas Points and Status Credits may not be earned on some fare types and booking classes.