The Beach Experience

Beach Experience

Day 1 and 2: Take a morning stroll along Byron Bay and sit down for lunch amongst magnificent views, where white-golden sandy beaches meet warm northern waters. (Recommended stay: 2 days)

Day 3 and 4: Discover Treachery Beach through thick bushland, located next to the popular Seal Rocks Beach. (Recommended stay: 2 days)

Day 5: On to North Head for breath-taking views of Sydney framed against a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 6: Hit the waves on the world famous Bondi Beach. Don't surf? Don't worry! There's plenty to do - a walk along the sand, tonnes of shops and many delicious restaurants. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 7: Continue on to the Grand Pacific Drive where you will find a string of small, quiet golden sandy beaches. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 8 and 9: Experience Warrain Beach located in Currarong, a small fisherman's village known for its secluded, white-sand beaches along the Pacific coastline. (Recommended stay: 1 to 2 days)

Day 10: Round off your road trip with a visit to Merimbula beach, where you can stroll along five kilometres of beautiful sands whilst taking in the stunning views, including Pebbly Beach and Hyams Beach. (Recommended stay: 1 to 2 days)

Ten days along the coast

With some of the most amazing beaches in the world, New South Wales provides the perfect coastal Australian holiday. We have pulled together seven must-see spots for you to take in while you make the journey down this superb coastline.

Fly to Ballina airport and make your way to Byron Bay. Famous for much more than surfing, Byron Bay has a breath-taking beach. Whether you are there to surf or relax, the surroundings draw you in and don't let go. You may even be lucky enough to spot a creature of the deep, as the area is renowned for whale sightings. Take a coastal drive down to Treachery Beach, pitch up a tent, put out your lines and sit down for a spot of fishing amidst magnificent views of the Seal Rocks lighthouse. Cook your catch and take in the ambience of this secluded landscape.

Now on to Sydney. No trip to New South Wales would be complete without visiting this city's world-renowned beaches. First stop North Head, based in Sydney Harbour National Park. There is an array of activities for all outdoor types, with great swimming, walking and fishing available. Consider the Fairfax Walking Track, offering many great opportunities to photograph the city from afar, as well as its iconic Harbour. In the South, visit famous Bondi Beach for an afternoon of sun tanning and surf watching.

Hop back in the car to take in a stretch of the Grand Pacific Drive, which connects Sydney to Wollongong. Along this road you will never be far from views of the stunning shoreline and its various beaches. Be sure to stop at Stanwell Park along the way, before crossing the great Sea Cliff Bridge, perhaps stopping to fix a padlock to the structure as many have done before.

Further down the coast, you will reach Warrain Beach, one of only a few spots along the New South Wales coast where you can experience views of the mountains across the water and watch the sun set on the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

End your week's adventure at Merimbula's main beach, where theme park Magic Mountain will appeal to those who seek more of an adrenaline rush.

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