The Watersports Adventure Experience

Watersports Experience

Day 1 and 2 - Immerse yourself in the paradise that is Lord Howe Island. Be warned, you may never want to leave. (Recommended stay: 2 days)

Day 3 and 4 - Fly to Ballina and make your way over to Byron Bay and enjoy this bohemian beachside town. (Recommended stay: 2 days)

Day 5 - Drive to Coffs Harbour for an unmissable opportunity to swim with dolphins. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 6 - Visit South West Rocks for a thrilling dive into the deep blue. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 7 and 8 - Drive to Penrith, located an hour from Sydney, and spend an exhilarating afternoon kayaking and rafting around the man-made white water course. (Recommended stay: 2 days)

Day 9 - Venture over to the Jenolan Caves at the foothills of the Blue Mountains to witness some of the most stunning cave formations in the world. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 10 - Learn how to surf in Shoalhaven Heads on the South Coast. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 11 - Hire a jet ski and ride the waves while taking in the beautiful coastline and islands of Batemans Bay. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

The ultimate adventure for watersport addicts

Honestly, there are few better places to start an aquatic themed trip in New South Wales than the spectacular Lord Howe Island. Located a two hour flight from Sydney in the Tasman Sea, the idyllic, World Heritage-listed island is home to a unique marine ecosystem consisting of 500 fish species and 90 varieties of coral, a paradise for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts.

Once you've mustered up the motivation to leave Lord Howe Island, make your way to Byron Bay. Two and a half miles from its shore, you'll find one of the most spectacular dive sites in New South Wales. Venture out into the Julian Rocks Marine Reserve for an unmissable opportunity to share the subtropical waters with the turtles, rays and grey nurse sharks that dwell here.

Most people would jump at the chance to meet and swim with dolphins. You can do just that in Coffs Harbour. After swimming with cute dolphins move swiftly on to a thrilling dive at Fish Rock Cave, located two kilometres from South West Rocks. Make your way through the 125 metre long cave and discover why the cave earned its name.

Our next stop, Penrith, is located an hour outside of Sydney. Get competitive as you descend the same rapids that hosted the canoe/kayak slalom events at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Once you've proved your worth on the slaloms, escape the city buzz with a relaxing and mesmerising walk around the Jenolan Caves, found at the foothills of the Blue Mountains. The nine awe-inspiring limestone caves are amongst the oldest in the world and their striking beauty is emphasised with intricate lighting.

You cannot leave New South Wales without taking part in one of the most popular sports in Australia - surfing. Head over to Shoalhaven Heads, where you can learn to surf like a true Aussie.

Wrap up the ten day trip with an adrenaline packed day of jet skiing in Batemans Bay. Make your way around the bay in style and take in stunning views of the sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

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