Add your ABN to your flight booking, after it has been made

If you are a Qantas Travel Tracker subscriber and you forget to include your ABN when you make a flight booking, you can now add it later.

Simply log in to Manage Your Booking using your booking reference and last name, click on the 'Add ABN for free travel reports' link in the 'Booking Contact' panel and enter your ABN to ensure accurate and up-to-date monthly Qantas Travel Tracker reports.

Add your ABN in the same month your flight booking was made to ensure your monthly 'Detailed Qantas Travel Tracker - Flights' is updated. Alternatively, your Summary Travel Tracker report will be adjusted to reflect all flight bookings where an ABN has been added through Manage Your Booking at any time.

Enhanced Qantas Travel Tracker

With our free Qantas Travel Tracker Reports you can now track your monthly business travel spend on hotels and cars as well as flights at when you book:

  • Australian and International hotels.
  • Flight and Hotel packages.
  • Domestic cars.
  • Qantas domestic flights.
  • Qantas international flights departing Australia.

Register for Qantas Travel Tracker online, ensure your ABN is included in each flight, hotel and domestic car booking made at and each hotel booking made at, and your nominated contact will receive monthly travel spend reports by e-mail.

To add your ABN to your flight booking, after it has been made:

Add ABN help page