Qantas A380

A journey like no other

We've drawn on 95 years of flying to design an extraordinary travel experience. Experience the comfort and exceptional service of your next journey on the Qantas A380.

About our A380

  • Exclusive and spacious Premium Economy in a 32-seat cabin on the upper deck.
  • Our most spacious and comfortable International Economy seat yet, designed by Marc Newson and built by Recaro.
  • Cleaner and more efficient than ever before, burning 17% less fuel per seat than today's largest jets and producing around 60% less carbon dioxide than the average family car, per passenger kilometre.
  • Quieter than other large aircraft with a reduction in take-off noise by half and a quieter cabin experience in flight.

How do I book the Qantas A380?

Get the overview of where we fly our A380s or view more detailed flight information on our timetables. Note that all flights are subject to last minute change of aircraft.

Between Flight No. Status
Sydney < > Dubai < > London QF1 / QF2 All flights. From 25 March 2018 will operate as
Sydney < > Singapore < > London.
Melbourne < > Dubai < > London QF9 / QF10 All flights. From 24 March 2018 will operate as
Melbourne < > Perth < > London on our B787 Dreamliner.
Sydney < > Los Angeles QF11 / QF12 All flights.
Melbourne < > Singapore QF35 / QF36 All flights from 25 March 2018.
Melbourne < > Los Angeles QF93 / QF94 All flights.
Sydney < > Dallas/Fort Worth QF7 / QF8 All flights.
Sydney < > Hong Kong QF127 / QF128 On selected flights, during peak seasons.

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