Lost property

How to enquire about lost items you may have left onboard or in an airport.

Any property found on Qantas aircraft is sent to Qantas Baggage Services or Qantas Administration at the airport where the property was found. If you have left any personal items onboard a Qantas aircraft or in an airport, please advise Qantas staff before leaving the airport. 

It is the passenger's responsibility to contact Qantas regarding any items that they have left behind and to arrange for the collection of those items. Qantas is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, any items left on aircraft.

Qantas will not accept items found in areas outside our premises (i.e. Security check points, common user areas of airports, taxi ranks, shops, car parks, customer transport vehicles, leased terminals or public amenity areas.)  

If you are unable to return to the airport please complete our online Customer Feedback Form and follow these steps:

1. Enter your contact details, if you're a Frequent Flyer log into the form

2. Select Category: Feedback – Complaint 

3. In 'Describe experience' select: Not related to a flight – Other – Damaged/Lost Personal Property 

4. Add a description and include: Where they were left and relevant flight details. 

If you're unable to complete the form call our local Qantas Office