Where to go in 2018

Where to go in 2018

Break new ground, explore new regions and scale new heights. We'll show you our top ten best trips and places to see in 2018.

Now’s the time to start planning your next holiday. Fly to some of the most exciting and exotic locations with Qantas and our partner airlines, off the beaten track or in the heart of the city, here are a few highlights of where to head in 2018. 



Whether this is your first time venturing to this bay-side capital or you've worn the soles of your bespoke leather shoes on its cobblestone laneways many times before, Melbourne will almost always have something fresh and new instore.

It's a city of diversity, secret pockets and hidden laneways. It's easy to explore away the hours uncovering hidden restaurant gems, or laneways filled with shops that stock the kind of unique, sophisticated, one-of-a-kind wares you will only find in this southern city.


New Caledonia

The thriving, indigenous Kanak culture and the influence of French colonial history on the language, food and lifestyle of Nouvelle Caledonie have created a cultural melange that’s both beautiful and unique. While Noumea has a delicious Riviera-style vibe and authentic croissants, the further you travel from the capital the more you’ll experience the indigenous way of life.



Tasmania is a land of rich contrasts that has turned its remoteness into an asset. With unique wilderness tourism programs, colourful local characters and haunting convict history, it has so much to offer, in addition to its burgeoning reputation as a foodie playground. Roughly 20 percent of the island is World Heritage listed, satisfying more criteria than any other world heritage property on earth.



The 18th century writer, Samuel Johnson, once said, “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” With the buzzing River Thames at its core, London is a multicultural wonderland with a host of foreign influences flavouring every aspect of daily life. Enjoy one of the world’s most international cities.



Live a life more extraordinary in Paris, where you can take your pick of atmospheric street scenes, iconic museums and romantic bridges to project your ideal self upon. The city which inspired Hemingway, Orwell, Victor Hugo, Balzac and Proust sprawls like a labyrinth, physically and conceptually – producing vanguards of fashion, food, art, architecture and intellectual thought.



Passionate, sophisticated and lovers of the good life. Spain is as diverse as the colour palette Gaudi used in his famous Park Guell in Barcelona, which if you haven't seen should definitely be on your bucket list. With North African touches across the country and a colourful history of exploration and conquest, the Spanish have a passion for life that is unlike any other European nation.



With clear, blue skies, golden sunsets and warmer weather, Sydney knows how to sparkle in the summer sunshine. The warmer weather sees the locals making the most of the various outdoor activities on offer across the state.



Known around the world for being the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown also offers a softer side, with its emerging restaurant scene, internationally renowned golf courses and vibrant new wineries. The younger crowd head there to throw themselves out of planes or bungee jump off bridges, but if you're looking for a relaxing weekend getaway you won't be disappointed either. 



The Chilean capital is distinctly cool with its fine dining, sleek architecture, colourful culture and stunning Andean backdrop .Considered as just a stopover point Santiago, is the capital and largest city in Chile. Located in a country filled to the brim with stunning landscapes, historic beauty, local charm and delectable foods, it is fast-becoming more of a destination than a stopover.



Exmouth is a nature-lover’s dream. A place where clear turquoise waters host an incredible diversity of fish and coral life on the coast of North Western Australia. Whale sharks famously inhabit the reef between April and July, and it is the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants that is the region’s biggest drawcard. But, not to be upstaged are the scores of dolphins, manta rays, turtles, dugong and humpback whales who also call Ningaloo home - making any time of the year an opportunity for close encounters with our ocean’s most fascinating creatures.