Checked baggage

Baggage is included on every Qantas fare. Your included checked baggage allowances are determined according to your itinerary and are displayed when you make your booking. 

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Things to know

If you already have a booking, you can see your ticketed allowance at manage booking or ask your travel agent. If you’re about to make a booking on our website your ticketed baggage allowance will be confirmed on the review page before payment.

Different baggage allowances may apply each time you check-in baggage. If you check-in baggage for a multiple sector journey, usually the baggage allowance of the most significant carrier in your itinerary will apply.

However, different rules may apply to tickets to and from the USA or Canada.

Acceptance of your baggage is subject to compliance with our:

Note: even if your baggage meets the above requirements, we may refuse to carry it if it's not properly and securely packed. Finally, remember that no single item of checked baggage can exceed 32kg (70lb) and all cabin baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in an overhead locker, including musical instruments.

Checked baggage allowances

Find out our checked baggage allowances for your Australian domestic or international flight:

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      Additional baggage

      Need to bring a bit extra? Pre-purchase an additional baggage allowance online and save on airport excess baggage rates.

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Medical and mobility equipment

Passengers requiring it for their own use may also check in medical/life dependant equipment and two pieces of mobility equipment without additional cost.

For USA flights only: there is no limit on the number of pieces of Mobility Equipment permitted to be carried for customers with a disability. Visit our mobility assistance page for further information.

Unaccompanied baggage

We offer unaccompanied baggage services from all our major domestic freight terminals in Australia. This service may be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to paying excess baggage rates. Customers wishing to send unaccompanied baggage internationally will need to utilise a dedicated freight forwarder or purchase excess baggage through our passenger network.

The baggage must be consigned at the freight terminal before your flight.

Unaccompanied baggage is carried on a 'space available' basis to the destination, and not necessarily on the same flight you're travelling on.

For more information, visit Qantas Freight or submit an online enquiry.

Packing your baggage

All contents of your baggage need to be packed securely and appropriately. Do not pack valuables, essential medication or important documents in your checked baggage

You must ensure each item of checked baggage is labelled with your name, address and contact details. We recommend that you lock your baggage. However, it may be necessary for governments, airports or their contractors to open and inspect your baggage as part of the security screening process. If your baggage is locked, and you aren't present when it's necessary to open it, the lock may be broken by security screeners.

For passengers travelling to or from the United States, the USA Transportation Security Administration (TSA) advises that you can avoid the need for locks to be broken by using a TSA recognised locking mechanism, which can be opened by the TSA. Visit the TSA website for further information.

If you choose to utilise baggage-wrapping services offered at some airports, you should allow additional time to complete this process before check-in. If security wrapping needs to be removed for inspection by governments, airports or their contractors as part of the security screening process it will not be replaced.

We're unable to advise you at the time of check-in whether your baggage will need to undergo additional security checks.

Important information

Disclaimer: * Connection time must be on the same calendar day. For example, arrival at the airport on 10 September 2018 and departure before midnight (11:59pm) 10 September 2018.

Disclaimer: Charges will apply for any baggage carried in addition to the checked baggage allowance and additional items.

AirPortr services are only available on Qantas flights departing and arriving London Heathrow. To be eligible for AirPortr services you must have a booking on a Qantas flight with a QF code. Baggage rules apply as per Qantas Airways’ Conditions of Carriage, the applicable size and weight limits, applicable laws and security measures and the dangerous goods guide. Additional baggage allowances can be pre-purchased up until 24 hours prior to departure. For baggage that does not meet Qantas Airways’ size and weight limits, passengers will be subject to airport excess charges at the passenger’s expense.

AirPortr services are managed by Portr Limited, registered in England and Wales under number 08119088 (VAT number 158621790).  From prices are inclusive of VAT, based on per bag pricing and varies depending on your collection pick up or drop off location.  A surcharge may apply for other card payments.  All bookings can be amended free of charge up to three hours before the Scheduled Time (subject to relevant additional charges for service changes).  Unless you are entitled to a refund under Australian Consumer Law cancellation fees of up to 100% apply once within three hours the Scheduled Time for collection.  Bookings cancelled after bags have been collected are not eligible for a refund. Additional costs may apply to returned bags.  You must provide AirPortr with a valid contact telephone and email details in order to ensure contact is possible at any time for updates, amendments or alterations to your booking.  You remain responsible for understanding your baggage allowance and acknowledge that AirPortr will pass on any airline charges in respect of; (1) any bag that exceeds your personal baggage allowance; (2) any bag that is overweight; (3) any bag that is oversized; and is liable to reimbursh AirPortr for additional charges applied by relevant airlines.  All offers and prices are for selected collection locations and is subject to availability.  Full terms and conditions.