Dietary required meals

If you're travelling on a Qantas operated flight, you can request a meal for your child or dietary needs, and we'll do our best to supply your preferred choice.

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Dietary required meal requests

Dietary required meal requests must be made via Manage booking booking at least 24 hours before scheduled departure with the exception of Kosher meals, which must be made at least 36 hours before departure.

Dietary required meals are available on the following services:

  • International – not available on repatriation flights.

  • Trans-Tasman – currently not available between Auckland and Norfolk Island or Cairns.
  • Business class across domestic and regional. 

  • Selected economy class across domestic and regional, for flights over 3 ½ hours in flight duration^



Dietary required meals currently available

Medical Vegetarian Religious Children's
Diabetic Vegan Kosher Children's
Gluten and Dairy friendly   Halal  

You can request these meals if you have medical or dietary requirements or are travelling with children. Some conditions and restrictions apply.

Whilst we provide a broad selection of meals to suit most dietary requirements, we understand that some customers may have individual needs which we are unable to cater for. Unfortunately, our dietary required meal options cannot be combined with other categories.

For those customers that wish to bring their own food to ensure their specific dietary requirements are met, please be advised that we are unfortunately not able to refrigerate or heat your meal onboard. Please also ensure your meal complies with local security screening requirements.

Medical meals

Diabetic meal:

Suitable for passengers requiring a nutritionally balanced meal that is low in sugar, fat and salts.

  • Can contain: Balanced complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre; low in fat; low in salt.
  • Does not contain: Fried foods, added sugar, peanuts, tree nuts or nut products.
  • Also suitable for: Low-salt meals and low-fat meals.

Gluten and Dairy Friendly meal:

Suitable for passengers who require meals that does not contain gluten or dairy.

  • Can contain: Gluten free breads, grains, soy milk.
  • Does not contain: Wheat, rye, oats, barley or malt, any milk or milk products, peanuts, tree nuts or nut products.
  • Also suitable for: Low lactose meals.

Vegetarian meal

Vegan Vegetarian meal:

Suitable for passengers requiring a meal that does not contain animal products or animal by-products, no eggs and no dairy products.

  • Can contain: Rice, fruits, vegetables, grains, soy, pulses, tree nuts or nut products.
  • Does not contain: Any animal products such as meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, milk or honey, dairy products or peanuts.

Religious meals

Kosher meal:

Suitable for passengers who follow the Kosher dietary rules and regulations. All meals are prepared, served and presented according to the Jewish dietary laws.

  • Can contain: Cattle, game and poultry that have been processed according to Jewish Law and dairy from Kosher animals.
  • Does not contain: Food that is not prepared according to Jewish religious specifications, does not combine meat and dairy, peanuts, tree nuts or nut products.

Halal meal:

Suitable for passengers that require meals prepared according to Muslim dietary laws and customs.

  • Can contain: Halal produced meat (beef, and lamb) and poultry (chicken and turkey), fish with scales from approved sources, dairy products, eggs and egg products.
  • Does not contain: Pork or pork by-products, alcohol, peanuts, tree nuts or nut products.

Children's meal

Child's meal (2 to 11 years old):

Child meal prepared for children 2 to 11 years old.

  • Can contain: Lean meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, egg products, potato, pasta or rice.
  • Does not contain: Fish, poultry or meat with bones, seeds, rich sauces, high seasoned foods, peanuts, tree nuts or nut products.

Domestic and Trans-Tasman


A limited selection of dietary required meals are available on all domestic and Trans-Tasman flights in Business.


A limited selection of dietary required meals are available on domestic flights more than three and a half hours. Dietary required meals are available on all Trans-Tasman Economy flights.


Dash 8 – Turboprop

On flights operated by QantasLink Dash 8 aircraft, snacks are offered all day, therefore, dietary required meals are not provided.

Airbus 320, Boeing 717, Fokker 100, Embraer 190

On flights operated by QantasLink aircraft dietary required meals are only available on flights offering a main meal (this includes morning, daytime and evening).

Frequently Asked Questions

Important information

Disclaimer: ^ Dietary required meals cannot be requested to and from Norfolk Island in Business and to and from Cairns from Auckland in both Business and Economy.

Disclaimer: * Available for Qantas operated flights and must be requested at least 24 hours before departure, except Kosher meals which must be requested at least 36 hours before departure. If you have requested a dietary required meal with another airline you will need to confirm directly with them. If you change your flight, you may be required to reconfirm your dietary required meal via Manage booking.