Our stories

Since our beginnings in outback Queensland in 1920, so many people from Australia and around the world have been part of the Qantas journey. From the heartfelt to the historic, the inspiring to the extraordinary, their stories have helped make the Spirit of Australia what it is today.

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Our visionary veteran

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Read Marita Wilkinson's story Qantas and TAA aircraft at Darwin Airport, Christmas 1974

“A Christmas I’ll never forget.”

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Following a family tradition

Families pass on their genes, their values and sometimes even their careers. For Tom Abbott, there was no question as to what business he was going into. It was always going to be Qantas. With several of his family members working for the airline, their stories always fascinated him. So, it's little wonder that he followed in their footsteps.

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"It felt like home to me"

When you follow your dreams, they just might come true. And Christopher Marchioro knows this better than anyone. From the moment Christopher first stepped on board a brand-new A380 in 2009, he dreamed of working at Qantas.

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The Angel of the Outback

In a time when opportunities for women were limited, one chose to soar high above it all to the place where she felt truly free. That woman was Nancy-Bird Walton.

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The first youngest Qantas passenger

The memory of your first flight is one that stays with you for a lifetime. But for Rosemary Unwin, her recollections of this special moment are a little hazy. Back in 1936, Rosemary discovered her love of flying a little earlier than most. Taking off with her mother Joyce Richardson, and older brother Edwin, Rosemary was just under three months old. At the time, little Rosemary made big news by being the youngest ever Qantas passenger. Since then, Rosemary has kept up her ‘life-long love affair with travel,’ prompting people to remark that she flew Qantas the way some people catch a bus. 

- Rosemary Unwin, Qantas customer