Travelling with a carer

For customers who may not be able to care for themselves when flying, we’ve outlined circumstances and requirements for when a carer may be required.

When a carer is required

In certain circumstances, we require an escort or carer to accompany customers who need one-on-one support during flights. This support could include:

  • assistance with meals and drinks  
  • using the bathroom 
  • administering medication or operating medical equipment 
  • orientation and communicating with the flight staff
  • or when the number of passengers in a group travelling with an escort or carer exceeds Qantas’ cabin crew limits.

Note: A carer would also be required if assistance is required in the airport, lounge, arrival, getting transport, and not just inflight.

Requirements for carers

Carers need to be self-reliant, and both mentally and physically able to assist the passenger with the above support as well as: 

  • toilet and sanitary requirements both on the aircraft and on the ground
  • inflight and ground emergencies
  • check-in, carry-on baggage and equipment
  • medicating and medical procedures
  • eating and drinking
  • immigration and customs procedures
  • boarding and disembarkation.

Fare reductions for carers on domestic flights

For domestic travel within Australia, customers needing to travel with a carer are eligible for reduced fares for both themselves and their carer, provided that the customer holds:

  • a current Carer Concession photo identification card issued by People with Disability Australia (PWDA)Opens external site in a new window,
  • a current Carer Concession photo identification card issued by the National Information Communication Awareness Network (NICAN.),
  • a current Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) with blind entitlement; or
  • a current travel pass for Person with Vision Impairment issued by a state or territory authority.

The Qantas Carer Concession Card was previously administered by NICAN, who ceased operation in July, 2015. All current cards issued by NICAN will be honoured until they expire. Holders of expired NICAN issued Carer Concession Cards can renew these with PWDA.

Details regarding Carer Concession Card applications and renewals can be found at PWDAOpens external site in a new window, by calling PWDA on 1800 806 769, within Australia or via email