United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Packed with history and things to see

Home to the four nations of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the UK is possibly one of the most well-known island nations on the planet. Famous for its beer, rolling green hills and chocolate box style cottages, as well as its gritty past and centuries of history, the UK is full of astounding variety. Home turf for the English language, the UK has exported many of its finest TV shows and films. So while you may not need to carry a phrasebook, you might still get a little confused by the local accents. Whether your trip is a short one or an extended stay, you'll find everything from ancient fortress to modernist skyscraper, beach resort to urban playground filled with trendy bars, restaurants and the latest arts. It doesn't matter if you're eight or going on eighty, going solo or travelling with friends, the UK really does offer something for everyone. 

London London


London, United Kingdom

London, baby! Home to over a thousand years of history, you can be sure Monday always looks better with a view like this.

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