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Famous around the world for its food, wine and chic inhabitants, a visit to France is high on the list of many travellers who head to Europe. Tear yourself away from jeroboams of champagne, the waft of freshly baked bread, croissants and pastries or the famous boutiques of the Rue Saint Honoré - it's going to be hard - and enjoy quaint, sleepy fishing villages in the south, stunning wine regions, fields of lavender and sunflowers, snowfields and mountains, long, lazy rivers, churches perched on hilltops as well as incredible fresh, seafood, history, and a greater variety of art than you'll probably ever see again. France might be a country that prides itself on its technology and modernity, but it hasn't yet lost its love of traditions, including long lunches and excellent, if strong, coffee. 

Paris Paris


Paris, France

Live a life more extraordinary in Paris, where you can take your pick of atmospheric street scenes, iconic museums and romantic bridges to project your ideal self upon.

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