Rugged mountains against the crystal aqua lake


Prepare for an adventure brimming with colour and culture. Made up of vast desert, ancient forest and colossal glaciers, Chile is a country of contrast and great beauty. Relax with a glass of famous Chilean wine or lace up your walking shoes and hit the trail, Chile will surprise even the most experienced traveller.

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For travellers looking for thrills, Chile is the home of adventure. All year-round you can choose from outdoor activities whether it’s hiking through Northern Patagonia, surfing the North Coast, an island hop over to Easter Island, boating on Parque Nacional Tores del Pain or chasing big city culture in Santiago. It’s an exciting holiday destination for travellers to discover the wilderness and beauty of the region.

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The Most Amazing Experiences in Patagonia

Literally at the bottom of the world,stretching across the southernmost tip of Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is one of the most sparsely populated yet geographically and climatically diverse regions in the world. In fact, this expansive territory of 757,000 square kilometres is home to only 1.7 million inhabitants. That’s why anyone visiting Patagonia is likely to be in it for areal sense of adventure.

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