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Discover the benefits of flying with us in Economy, whether you're looking to fly to an international, trans-Tasman, regional or domestic destination. Experience our warm hospitality on board while enjoying premium dining or snacks, reclining seats and latest entertainment options in the sky.


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Updated features

We’re continually updating our inflight service, and you'll notice improvements throughout your journey such as:

  • Refreshed cabin interiors, seats, inflight entertainment and dining options.
  • Streamlined check-in, either online before you fly or at the airport. If you need help our friendly Qantas Customer Service are there to assist.
  • Complimentary standard seat selection on Saver or Flex fares.
  • Modern amenity kit on selected flights, including essential travel products.
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Your seat

On board our A380s and A330s we've upgraded the seats with softer cushioning, a netted footrest for a deeper recline and more legroom for extra comfort on longer journeys. Sit back and relax in an ergonomic slimline seat with built-in lumbar support. The adjustable headrest, with side wings supports your head while sleeping, and seat recline aims to maximise your comfort.

On our Dreamliner B787s you’ll enjoy the next generation and award-winning Recaro seat, ergonomically designed for optimal comfort. Everything has been thought of to support your travel needs – mood lights, storage areas and even a personal electronic device shelf. A new foot net provides additional support and further enhances the ergonomics when travelling on longer flights.

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Discover Economy international dining options
Available on selected flights
Char kway teow style rice noodles with tofu and beansprouts served in Economy

International Qantas dining

From award-winning wines, continual snacks through your flight, to menus that reflect the freshest seasonal ingredients - you’ll be spoilt for choice when dining with us. Look forward to more meal choices, larger portions and seamless meal service so you’ll have time to do the things you wish.

Discover Economy international dining options
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Sit back and watch your personal inflight entertainment system with over 1,000 hours of options covering new release movies, TV box sets, music, moving maps and interactive games for all ages. You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to watch inflight entertainment from the moment you step on board, including take-off and landing.

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Qantas international economy kit


A stylish Economy amenity kit is offered on selected routes, complete with a handy dental kit, eyemask and earplugs. Designed with the environment in mind, the decorative felt pouch is made from recycled PET bottles and branded with our iconic roo logo - sure to become a collector's item. The kit is available on selected flights, though we've got a range of travel essentials available on request on all international flights.


A330 Economy cabin

Carefully designed features

Enjoy our friendly service and comforts when flying across the Tasman with:

  • Flexible check-in options, from 24 hours up until 2 hours before departure.
  • Ergonomically-designed seats with generous seat pitch.
  • On demand inflight entertainment options via a seat-back touch screen on selected B737-800 and A330 aircraft or stream to your personal device via the Qantas Entertainment App. Our inflight entertainment system is available from the moment you step on board until the moment you arrive at your destination.
  • Lounge access for eligible Frequent Flyers and Qantas Club members.
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Your seat

Sit back and relax on board our B737s. The contemporary cabin interior, mood lighting, generous legroom and soft seat recline create a sense of spaciousness. 

If you're travelling on one of our A330 aircraft, you'll experience next-generation seats with international seat pitch, ergonomic cushioning, multi directional headrests, shared PC power and individual USB ports.

In both seats, a soft blanket and cotton pillow will ensure a more comfortable flight.

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Discover trans-Tasman dining options
Available on selected flights
Chicken curry couscous served in Economy on selected international flights

Trans-Tasman Qantas dining

Enjoy a contemporary dining menu tailored to the time of day served by our friendly cabin crew. Sip premium award-winning Australian and New Zealand wines, a selection of soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee.

Discover trans-Tasman dining options

Australian domestic

lady at checkin kiosks


Learn about the Domestic Economy experience:

  • Easy and flexible check-in options either online or at the airport using our kiosks.
  • Platinum, Gold and Silver Frequent Flyers can also use our fast Bag Drop with the Q Bag Tag, when travelling on the Qantas Domestic network.
  • Enjoy the range inflight entertainment options. Choose to read the award-winning Qantas magazine or stream TV shows, movies or take advantage of our entertainment offers, depending on your route and aircraft.
  • Qantas Club lounge access for Gold Frequent Flyers, Qantas Club members, Platinum One and Platinum Frequent Flyers, across Australia. 
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Your seat

If you're travelling on a B737, experience the contemporary cabin interior with mood lighting that creates a sense of spaciousness for your journey. Enjoy leather headrests, generous legroom and a soft seat recline.

If you're travelling on an A330-200, relax in your seat with ergonomic cushioning and seat covers, international-standard seat pitch, multi-directional leather headrests, shared PC power access and individual USB ports.

In both seats, a soft blanket and cotton pillow will ensure a more comfortable flight.

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Discover domestic and regional dining options
Available on selected flights
Domestic Economy meal, hokkien noodles with red wine

Domestic and regional Qantas dining

Our dining experience offers generous meals and wines. Meals are served in gourmet boxes offering you more space to work or relax and our snacks are from well-known brands and familiar favourites. Enjoy the freshest local flavours with complimentary food and drinks included in your ticket.

Discover domestic and regional dining options

Australian regional

QantasLink cabin crew


We've made getting around Australia as easy as possible with:

  • Streamlined check-in using the self-serve kiosks, which also let you tag your own bag, drop it and go. Kiosks are available at major domestic airports and some regional airports across Australia. If there's no kiosk, our friendly staff are there to help.
  • A selection of newspapers and magazines are available on most flights.
  • Eligible guests are welcome to enjoy the benefits of the Qantas Club and refreshed Qantas Regional Lounges throughout Australia.
  • Easy baggage collection.
View seat map details Passengers in cabin on QantasLink flight

Your seat

Sit back and relax in your spacious Economy seat on board our B717 aircraft. Offering generous legroom with a seat pitch of 78.7cm (30-31 in), good overhead height and spacious baggage compartments to store cabin luggage.

Each row of seating also enjoys its own view via well positioned windows.

All Dash 8 aircraft offer luxurious leather upholstered seats, a spacious cabin and generous room for personal stowage in both your seat and overhead locker.

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Discover domestic and regional dining options
Available on selected flights
Regional flights meal in Economy

Inflight dining

Experience a premium meal or snack on all QantasLink flights with menus rotated weekly. Beer and wine is offered complimentary after 4pm on selected QantasLink flights, although in Western Australia these options are only available for purchase after midday.

Special meals options are available where a main meal is served, excluding flights offering snack only services.

Discover domestic and regional dining options

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Important information

Disclaimer: + Selected B737-800 aircraft have full seatback screens for each customer, while remaining B737-800’s are installed with inflight entertainment options to stream to your personal device via the Qantas Entertainment App.

Disclaimer: ** Video content applies to seat back entertainment screens only. In arm screens are required to be stowed for taxi, take-off and landing.

Disclaimer: # Available at selected airports across Australia.

Disclaimer: ~ Available for purchase to all customers via, the Qantas StoreOpens in a new tab or window and at selected domestic airports and Qantas Domestic Lounges.

Disclaimer: ^ Lounge access eligibility is based on the class of travel, Qantas club membership or the Frequent Flyer Membership tier for your next onward flight. Qantas Club lounge access conditions.