Complaints and feedback

We recognise that sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, we want to try and make them right as soon as possible. Below is information on how to resolve any concerns you may have.

How to make a complaint or provide feedback

If you wish to make a complaint or provide feedback, you can contact the Complaints team at AIG Insurance New Zealand Limited (AIG), the insurer who issues Qantas Travel Insurance policies by writing to:

The Complaints Team
AIG Insurance New Zealand Limited
Level 7, 21 Queen Street
P.O. Box 1745
Auckland 1140

You can also email AIG

What will happen if you make a complaint

If you make a complaint, AIG will record your complaint, make sure that your concerns are addressed as quickly as possible and seek to achieve a fair outcome for both parties. They will treat your complaint respectfully and handle all personal information in accordance with their Privacy Policy.

AIG will assess your complaint upon receipt. They will acknowledge your complaint within five business days of receiving it and provide you with the name and contact details of the person who will be handling it. AIG will ensure that someone experienced who has not been handling your case fully investigates your complaint. AIG will respond to your complaint within 10 business days of the date they have all the information they need to determine your complaint. Where further information, assessment or investigation is required, AIG will agree reasonable timeframes with you. If they cannot agree on reasonable timeframes, you can contact their independent external dispute resolution scheme about those timeframes. AIG will update you at least once every 20 business days, or another such interval as they may agree with you, until your complaint is resolved. 

If you're not happy with the response or handling of your complaint

If you are not satisfied with AIG’s response or the handling of your complaint, you can have the matter reviewed by their Internal Dispute Resolution Committee (“IDRC”). If you wish to have your complaint reviewed by the IDRC, you can write to the Complaints Team using the contact details above. As part of your request, please include detailed reasons for requesting the review and the outcome you are seeking. This information will assist the IDRC in carrying out its assessment and review of your complaint. 

Financial Services Complaints Limited (“FSCL”)

AIG are a member of an independent dispute resolution scheme operated by Financial Services Complaints Limited (“FSCL”) and approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Your complaint will be referred to FSCL if they have reached a “deadlock” in trying to resolve it. FSCL can be contacted by:

  • Email
  • Telephone: 0800 347 257

Full details of how to access the FSCL scheme can be obtained on the FSCL website There is no cost to you to use the services of FSCL.

Important information

For policies purchased before 19 July 2023, refer to nib's complaints process.

Qantas Travel Insurance is underwritten by AIG Insurance New Zealand Limited (“AIG”). Qantas Airways Limited (“Qantas”) is a distributor of AIG and does not provide any financial advice, but may provide information relating to your Qantas booking to AIG. Consider the Policy Wording and your personal circumstances before you buy.