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POLi is a secure, fee free payment method.

If your bank is accessible with Poli, you can pay for the flight booking online using your internet banking.

How it works

  • If your flight departs from Australia or New Zealand, and have made your booking on this website, you can choose to pay with POLi.
  • POLi payments must be made in the currency of your booking.
  • If your booking contains an amount for carbon offset or travel insurance, then you won’t be able to use POLi as a form of payment.
  • POLi is only available if you have a personal bank account. Business bank accounts aren't supported for use through the POLi Payment service.

Paying with POLi

Step 1

On the payment page, select the POLi tab.

Step 2

You’ll then be redirected to the POLi website, where you can select your bank and then follow the instructions to log in to your account to make your payment. 

Step 3

When your payment is complete, you’ll be logged out of your internet banking and then transferred back into the Qantas website to complete your booking.